Work is a fundamental – and time- consuming part of our lives. On average, we spend 100,000 hours of our lives at work, yet research shows that over 70% of us would do something different if we had the opportunity.

So why don’t we?!

Whether you’re looking for a great new career move, want a career MOT or are looking for something completely different, S2 Associates has the expertise to help you achieve exactly what you want.

Our career coaching helps to better align people with their work, to enable them to find greater meaning and fulfilment and discover a direction that suits them best.

The following are some examples of the range of services we offer our clients:


Do you want to better understand your unique talents, abilities and experience?  Are you searching for some clarity about where these skills could take you?  Well, career planning is remarkably like creating a marketing strategy, a long-term plan and then developing consumer insight to devise an effective campaign.  However, with S2 Associates, you’re the project and we help you to realise your vision.



We all know that creating a powerful brand is the cornerstone of any successful business.  But many of us fail to realise that exactly the same is relevant for us!  With our personal branding consultancy, we help you to understand how to express yourself with maximum impact, whether in a professional or personal setting.  We help you to find your own unique style, build confidence and develop a personal presence that reflects your brand values. 


Do you want to maximise your effectiveness within your existing role?  Perhaps you’ve recently been promoted in a new job and want to accelerate your learning?  Maybe you simply want to better align your role with your strengths.  Whatever your requirements, our performance coaching will ensure your professional performance improves.  It helps you to understand what you’re already doing well and will then accelerate your learning to reach the required outcome.  


Is your CV collecting dust?  Looking to re-do your CV and sell your experience with productive effect?  Then a professional CV review is an essential requirement for today’s marketing professional.  

Think of your CV as your personal marketing brochure.  Is it clearly communicating all that you have to offer – and, more importantly, everything that the reader wants to buy?  The average employer will spend only 30 seconds reading a CV – our CV review ensures that your curriculum vitae makes a maximum impact and represents you the way you deserve.


Getting initial interviews but no-one calling you back?  Looking to sharpen your interview technique?  Well, help is at hand!

Interviews need not be the daunting, confusing experiences that so many people bumble through.  Our bespoke interview coaching will teach you invaluable tools and techniques for your situation.  You can try these out in a supportive environment and ensure that you’re clearly communicating everything you have to offer – equipping you with the tools you need to succeed at every interview.


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